National Jewelry Appraisal Agency Address (partial)

A formal jewellery jade quality inspection certificate must be issued by a nationally recognized testing agency. There must be one of the three identifiers "CMA", "CAL", and "CNACL" on the inspection certificate.

1. "CMA" is a metrological certification and accreditation body composed of countries or provinces.

2. "CAL" Nationally recognized testing organization.

3. "CNACL" has passed the inspection organization approved by the Chinese laboratory.

1 National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Testing Center Zhang Yuli No. 19 Xiaohuangzhuang Road, Andingmen Street, Beijing 010-84273637 100013

2 China Light Industry Association Baoyushi Supervision and Inspection Center Shanghai Inspection Station Dai Yulong No. 6 Lane 365, Xinhua Road, Shanghai

021-63220033-310 200052

3 Hubei Province Gemstone Quality Inspection Center Yang Mingxing Wuhan Wuchang China University of Geosciences Jewelry College 027-87481009 430074

4 Wuhan Wuhan Gold and Silver Jewelry Testing Center Wu Guomou Wuhan No.246, Liji North Road, Hankou, Wuhan 027-85832594 430022

5 Hubei Huangshi Gold and Silver Jewelry Quality Supervision Center Shao Jianzhong No. 186, Wuhan Road, Huangshi City, Hubei Province 0714-6232742 435000

6 Peking University Geology Appraisal Center Cui Wenyuan Zhongguancun, Haidian, Beijing 010-62755676 100071

7 Tianjin Baoyu Stone Testing Center No. 74, Kunming Road, Tianjin 022-2730225 300051

8 Chongqing Gem Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Li Hui Room 318, Experimental Building, Chongqing University Center 023-69852528 400023

9 Guangdong Jinyin Jewelry Testing Center Yang Yan No. 81, No. 81, Nonglinxia Road, Guangzhou 020-87301500 510080

10 Guangdong Provincial Technical Supervision Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Cao Yu, No. 751, Dongfeng East Road, Guangzhou 020-87777771-3298


11 Shanghai Zhongyu Jade Testing Center Huang Lijun 242 Wuyi Road, Shanghai 021-52389058 200050

12 Zhejiang Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Hu Yongping No. 498, Stadium Road, Hangzhou 0571-5157210 310007

13 Jiangsu Technical Supervision Bureau Nanjing University Jewelry Product Quality Inspection Station Qian Handong No. 22 Hanjiang Road, Nanjing (Room 104, Nanda New Teaching Building)

025-3593789 210093

14 Jiangsu Golden Jewelry Testing Center Wu Yan No. 534, Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing 025-6641708 210016

15 Jiangsu Province Technical Supervision Jewelry Quality Inspection Station Wang Jianming No. 700, Zhujiang Road, Nanjing 025-6646182-265 200018

16 Wuxi Gem Testing Center Wu Yaoxing Jiangsu Wuxi 916 Mail Box 0510-3792724 214151

17 Fujian Baoyushi Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Liu Jiabin, No.97, Hongshan Bridge, Fuzhou City, 0591-3711183 350002

18 Fujian Gold and Silver Detection Station Zheng Ronghua No. 61, Beihuan Middle Road, Fuzhou City, 0591-7841535 350003

19 Yunnan Jewelry Testing Center, No. 35, Beijing Road, Kunming, China 0871-3511583 650011

20 Guizhou Gold and Silver Jewelry and Jade Product Quality Inspection Station Li Xingsen No. 76, North Road, Guiyang City, Beijing 0851-6822333-408 550004

21 Chengdu Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, No. 9 Yongfeng Road, Yiguan Temple, Chengdu, China, 028-5180554 610041

22 Chengdu Jinyin Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Liu Yaping Chengdu No.1 East 3rd Road, Erxian Bridge 028-3334712-4512 610059

23 Jiangxi Jiujiang Jewelry Gold and Silver Quality Inspection Station Gong Yulin No. 52, Yuyang Road, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China 0792-8225425 332000

24 Hunan Jinbao Jade Products Quality Inspection Station Cai Yuelin 84, Nanda Road, Changsha, Hunan, China 0731-5160105 410007

25 Xi'an Gem Identification Center Lin Yuehong No.6, South Section of Yanta Road, Xi'an 029-5525062 710054

26 Xianyang Jinyin Jewelry Testing Center Teng Renlin No. 7 Binhe Road, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province 0910-3311984 712000

27 Gansu Province Gemstone Identification Center Fan Zhengzhong No. 168, Hongxing Yixiang, Lanzhou City 0931-8886737 730000

28 Heilongjiang Baoyushi Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Zhang Yabin No. 65, Harbin Downtown Road, 0451-5662783 150036

29 Jilin City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute Tianjincheng No.42, Jilin Street, Jilin City, 0432-4661517 132011

30 Dalian Gold and Silver Jewelry Supervision and Inspection Center Miaoqing 68-2, Wansui Street, Dalian 0411-4604512 116000

31 Hebei Jinyin Baoyu Jewelry Quality Inspection Station Lu Fufu No.53, Baihua Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China 0312-3026932 071051

32 Shijiazhuang City, Shijiazhuang City, Jewelry and Jade Product Quality Inspection Station Xu Haijiang, Shijiazhuang City, 50 South East Road, 0311-5052562 050031

33 Hebei Tangshan Gold Treasure Jade Jewelry Quality Inspection Station Wang Jingping No. 23, North New East Road, Tangshan, Hebei Province 0315-2825080 063000

34 Jinan Gemstone Product Quality Inspection Station Huang Wenhui No. 19, Keyuan Road, Jinan City 0531-2962721 250014

35 Qingdao Gems Quality Supervision and Inspection Station Zhu Xionghua Qingdao No. 18, Middle Section of Fuzhou Road, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China 0532-5833690 266071

36 Zhejiang Gold Jewelry Quality Inspection Center Taojinbo No. 222, Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou 0571 85128407

37 National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, No. 2, Datun Road, Chaoyang District

38 Zhongbao Xiebao Jade Testing Center, West Fourth Mutton Hutong No. 30, First Floor, Affiliated Building, Ministry of Land and Resources

39 China National Federation of Industry and Commerce Jewelry Chamber of Commerce Jewelry Testing and Research Center, 16th Floor, Block B2, Chengming Building, Xizhimen, Xicheng District, B16G


40 China University of Geosciences Beijing Geji Gem Inspection Center No. 29, College Road, Haidian District

41 International Jewelry Federation China Laboratory Beijing Gaode Jewelry Appraisal Institute Room 703, Zhongyi Building, 103 Jixiangli, Chaowai Street


42 Ministry of Public Security Anti-counterfeiting Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Room 518, Building 17, No. 17 Building, Mudu Dinan, Xicheng District, Beijing 66024598

43 Peking University Xinghua Gem Identification Center Room 3303, New Teaching Building, Peking University, Zhongguancun, Haidian District

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