Blue elegant fashion exudes youthful charm

Blue women to absorb European fashion elements, adhering to the natural, simple, colorful costumes concept, clever use of color and natural tailoring to show the simplicity of women, elegant qualities. The unique fashion culture "Mature exudes youthful charm and elegance contains fashionable atmosphere", attracting more and more modern women who advocate perfection.


Edition focus on the Asian women's wear needs, with simple and smooth lines, exquisite aesthetic workmanship and noble taste, reflects the perfect combination of clothing and human body, has won many intellectual fashion people of all ages. Top fabrics, exquisite workmanship, complement each other's boutique accessories, blue rich connotation through every detail to be the perfect embodiment.

蓝地优雅时装  成熟中散发着青春魅力

The target consumer group is located between 25-45 years of age, well-educated, high-income, elegant taste, perfect quality of life career success.

various of chirstmas solid wooden star hanging decoration.solid wooden tree hanging,heart hanging.santa hanging  ball hanging,naturl round printing hanging  shose hanging and so on.plywood laser any animal shape. fabric and wooden combination hanging.wooden chirstmas haing are used fo decorate the tree,decorat the room,decoration the yard  decortaion the chirtmas cake or as the gift for friend.any color finish we can accpet.

Wooden Christmas Hanging Decoration

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