Betty lamb festive red in full swing New Year

Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Day are coming one after another, the New Year is coming, and in the festive atmosphere at the end of this year, only the warm red festive costume can appear more Yingjing! Betty lamb fashion children's wear winter red costume, so that children have a good new year's sign, let the children light the holiday festive, prosperous New Year! It seems that only a large area of ​​red to the end of this festive atmosphere with the most harmonious, lovely bow pocket, small leopard fur collar decoration, all in the soft lotus leaf dress enjoy the release of sweet and playful. At first glance, there is no illusion of a small adult? Yes, this is a reduced version of the trench coat style, shoulder bag design and the classic unbeaten double breasted, black thick fur collar warm and sweet, enjoy swaying in the red dress. Want more eye-catching and stylish, light red light cotton clothing is a secret weapon to win Oh, light full of fabric brings jelly-like crystal translucent, compact chic bow design and lightweight fur collar, even more cute!

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