Shaw Silversmith teaches you how to wear silver jewelry

Silver silver has a mysterious tension. If you want to control it perfectly, you must find your own style, and the other is to follow the fashion trend. No matter how you mix it, it is absolutely a prerequisite to bring out your personal style and traits. Take a look at th ......Reading more

What is propylene? What is it used for?

1. Propylene 1. Name of the chemical Chemical Chinese Name: Propylene Chemical English name: propylene Chinese name 2: English name 2: propene Technical specification code: 31 CAS No.: 115-07-1 Molecular formula: C3H6 Molecular weight: 42.081 Chemical equation for propylene combustion: 2C ......Reading more

Perfect gorgeous holiday Gentle Jazz degree of men buil…

Regardless of who is the master of youth, this summer's holiday must be their own masterpiece, gorgeous publicity color is most suitable to wear in the warm and romantic summer. Gentle Jazz degrees for everyone to bring the summer holiday dress, hoping to help you have a perfect gorgeous holida ......Reading more

The heart of the academic lady impression PSALTER Psalm…

PSALTER Psalm classic plaid convey the elegant style of London elegant school tune, beautiful colors and trend elements will undoubtedly show the fashion of the new revolution! And what do you think of the academic ladies in your mind? Before July 31, forward any comment @ Psalter Psalm microblogg ......Reading more

The enigmatic puzzle fall you need to change like this

The once-a-year annual conference of new seashell products was swept by the seashell and used to dress you in a popular or popular style. Would you like to reward yourself or give her someone a gift in a new season? Haibei Apparel introduced a new position of "Enchanting Mystery", which i ......Reading more

NAERSI NARS "Metamorphosis - Fantasy Tour" of…

From July 11 to July 13, 2013, NAERSI will make its debut with the new image at the 13th Shenzhen International Fairs , opening a fantastic journey of fashion and art to us! 18, NAERSI has been adhering to the management philosophy of "Beautiful women dressed up as young women, confide ......Reading more