To join the brand Danny slave shoes success is you

To provide women with one-stop all-fashion services, many women want shopping experience. From clothes and shoes to bags once enough Qi, by the way to buy a few flowers inserted in the head, will save a lot of time for women, but also because of a uniform style to make women more elegant and refine ......Reading more

Congratulations Ruiqi Maya 2014 winter new conference s…

At least once in a lifetime, In order to run a goal, Not for grades, Not for aura, Do not even ask me to know you Just meet you on our favorite fashion runway ... Ruiqi Maya 2014 winter new conference successfully concluded Ruiqi Maya in a diversified life style change, towering and timid ......Reading more

The meaning of white crystal

There are different kinds of crystals. Of course, he also has different meanings for different kinds of crystals. What is the meaning of white crystals? White crystal represents balance and perfection, it is good for career and health. The meaning of white crystal: White crystal is a var ......Reading more

How to wear good-looking white dress with a light blue …

Gradually cool autumn, accompanied by yellow leaves, the atmosphere filled with the harvest of the breath, leaving beautiful visual enjoyment. But beauty is always so short, why not take advantage of young, about their friends on the twenty-three out to feel the freshness of nature. Put on a beaut ......Reading more

JANESTORY [autumn new] oil painting art

How close is the connection between art and fashion? I saw this spring and summer 2014 show you know. Unscrupulous abstract paintings, graffiti and jumping, eye-catching color ensemble, you will find the fabric completely act as the role of the canvas, the model has also become a mobile drawing ......Reading more

"SKOFF-poetry Ke Fu" to create a fashion bran…

"SKOFF- poetry Ke Fu, " uphold the concept of the humane care and psychological satisfaction of women, with the most natural and comfortable, tailor-made for each woman as the core objective of the design soul, the figures, landscapes, music, art, etc. Elements of integration into inspir ......Reading more

New textile fiber green environmental protection fiber

Tencel fiber Tencel fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber that meets the requirements of environmental protection. Its raw material is wood pulp. The wood pulp comes from beech, eucalyptus or conifer trees that are very quickly formed. It can grow from 5 to 7 years after plan ......Reading more