Li ethnic clothing: the continuation of three thousand …

The Li national costume art has a long history and unique style. Its four processes of spinning, weaving, dyeing and embroidery have made significant contributions to the development of Chinese cotton spinning techniques. In the 80s of last century, the protection and inheritance of the Li ......Reading more

What sets the early winter suite style how to wear

Just entered the winter, the temperature is not so cold. At this time we should seize the opportunity to quickly enjoy the warm early winter. At this time, we are not going out to the street to dress well? Not long ago, Chen Zi-hsiang shot in the street shooting for a magazine Look was exposed, in ......Reading more

Bottom wear dress long-sleeved dress worn

As a professional woman, the dress is essential for the four seasons of a single product, although the season is changing, the temperature changes, but the wardrobe of the dress did not decrease, but the style is constantly updated. However, there is a dress that can be worn in different seasons, ......Reading more

Join adjustable underwear shop choose which brand is go…

A little observation can be found, and now the underwear shop in the most conspicuous place should be a product with adjustable shaping underwear, adjusting the type of underwear more and more thin, the majority of female friends of all ages. If you are ready to open a lingerie store, you can also ......Reading more

Winter coat to choose what color winter coat with

Coat style how to match it? Winter coat does not need more, one or two on it, but the jacket to choose the style of this match with the inside will feel very stylish, different with a same jacket on the effect will be different, the kiss of women's clothing Two different styles of jacket style ......Reading more

Fur collar woolen jacket with what jacket is more matur…

With age, many girls do not want their age to be seen, so I will not choose a mature dress, but there will be a group of women like mature dress because they are already a successful career, this time the mature dress On behalf of their success, Chennai children's clothing fall and winter matu ......Reading more

How boys jacket with winter boys wear what clothes

Boys dress up are generally based on simple, but all the clothing is the need to match, and then simple clothing is also to be matched, the tiger Hanyini children's clothing whether boys or girls are prepared for your fashion feast, autumn and winter only Hanny to see the tiger enough, the abso ......Reading more