The winter tide has a trick to show off warmth

This site on December 23 hearing, the country is also about to enter the coldest season, the girls are not beginning to worry about swelling of the dress can not make themselves more outstanding? Xiaobian today's fashion network to come for everyone to send the stylish in the snow Wear Look an ......Reading more

Gone with the Wind Cocoon Coat Fashion Coats UP UP

Since the drama "miss you" hit the cocoon coat wave, the cocoon coat from the fashion T station into the closet, oversized style full gas field, simple design, neat tailoring , Very modified body, is to make your fashion degree UP UP weapon! Fashionable women in the spring fashion cocoon ......Reading more

Tips and advantages of the duvet

Advantages of the duvet: First, gentle warmth: At present, there is no warmth in the world that exceeds the warmth of down. Plus the down and full of elasticity, with a down rate of 50% down, it's light and bulky is 2.8 times that of cotton; so the duvet is not only gentle and warm, but al ......Reading more

Karen Fort Spring 2014 new products to create high-qual…

With the increasing renewal of various pajamas fabrics, the birth of new fibers has injected new vitality into pajamas. Karen Fort in the quarter of new materials on the choice of materials, grasp the trend of the popular, designed to make you put it down, skin-friendly, good permeability, hygrosc ......Reading more

Winning in the fashion line my family's children is…

Each child's growth only once, how to make your home baby boys win at the starting line, stand out in the crowd at a glance, people look at it! The so-called people rely on clothes, the United States by Liangzhuang. Therefore, parents need to select exclusive age group clothing for their babies ......Reading more

Cleverly absorbs moisture in shoes to smell

[This site - shoes and life] Do you have such distress? Sometimes the inside of the shoes because of moisture, wear will be very uncomfortable? In the long run, it is easy to produce odors? There is a small way, not only can absorb moisture, but also Remove odor, if there is coffee residue at home ......Reading more