Looking at China's New Workplace Culture through Du…

[China Glass Network] Xu Jinglei has never been so close to film and television, a "Du Lala promotion", she pushed back to the frontier of the film industry, helping her to be successfully transformed into a commercial film director by the director of the film. The ......Reading more

Wear high heels to make you healthy

Someone has said that women wearing high heels are real women. Yes, when a woman wears high-heeled shoes, she will be more feminine, and the form and pace will become more elegant. Let's take a look at healthy and elegant high-heeled shoes. Despite the pain, many women still have a soft spot ......Reading more

Beauty heart machine autumn and winter hottest boots

[This site] girls vote first and most want to start is the real boots with a modified boots!! Fashion full of silver belt decoration x handsome straight oil texture leather exudes high texture fashion! · Domineering full-tip shoes Queen Fan children · The wild king of sandals is it · V ......Reading more

Ajie Bonni's spring-summer 2010 conference will cre…

In the autumn, Ajie Bonny (China) ---- 2010 spring and summer series of children's wear brand conference was held in Hangzhou Taigu Lake Holiday Hotel in Hollow Valley. This ordering event was intended to promote the innovation and progress of China's children industry. The innovative Ajban ......Reading more

Silkworms PX.fable Fashion Spring Summer 2010 Conferenc…

The combination of silk and PX.fable fashion and handsome personal style combined with feminine design elements, simple and soft. The design of urban women who are meticulous in their tastes desires romance and nostalgia for the pure state of the mind. In the design, they pursue the resonance of si ......Reading more