In 1613, the Merlin family gained trade privileges because they discovered the plot to assassinate King Louis XIII.

In 1777, the McLaren family Baptiste placed a jewellery booth next to the Palace of Versailles, and the business was booming. At that time, the customer had the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. In 1796, Jean Baptiste set up a store in the name of "Merran-Miller's Crown" on Vivienne Street near Versailles. And welcomed the arrival of Napoleon's wife, Queen Josephine.

In 1815, another McCran family member, Francois McLenray, established the recent "Merranui" jewelry store on Peace Street.

In the 19th century, Melanie developed smoothly and rapidly, and once became the jeweler of Queen Mary Ai Mei, who was appointed by King Louis Philips.

In 1850, in Madrid, a jewellery shop was established under the name of "Merran brothers" to produce exquisite jewellery, and the order of Queen Isabella was soon obtained.

MELLERIO dits MELLER is not only a royal jeweler, but also a designated designer and producer of trophies and prizes in major sports events. Take this opportunity to expand the brand's popularity and reputation. These include the French Open Tennis Championship and the championship trophy for the horse race.

In 2004, MELLERIO dits MELLER also made a series of brand promotion activities in order to open up its popularity in the Chinese market. He sent a high-level LENOTRE to Shanghai and personally exchanged ideas with Shanghai's large enterprise groups, brand manufacturing, retail industry presidents, experts and scholars to discuss how to integrate passion and creativity to create a classic brand that has been passed down for hundreds of years. .

The legend of the McLaren brand began nearly four hundred years ago. When a member of the Mellerio family was working on a chimney sweeper, they accidentally discovered a conspiracy to assassinate the then King Louis XIII. So they reported the matter to the royal family. . As a bonus, the royal family licensed the Mellerio family to supply jewellery and other items to the royal family. Later, the Mellerio family gradually developed into a jewel family, and for centuries it has been a French royal jewellery supplier.

After 14 generations, McLaren Jewelry is the oldest jewellery brand in the world.

In the 16th century, members of the Melanie family from Bardi, Italy, traveled between the Alps and Italy between France and France, engaged in small-scale jewelry business, and later developed into a prominent jewelry family and became a French royal jewelry supplier.


Since the mid-19th century, MELLERIO dits MELLER's business has gradually spread throughout Europe. In addition to the then King of France, Napoleon III, the royal family of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, Belgium and other countries has been added to the list. The brand's position in the modern French luxury industry is still very important.

With the excellent sales performance of MELLERIO dits MELLER in Japan, MELLERIO dits MELLER entered the Shanghai Henglong Plaza in 2004 and started the development of the Chinese market. In April of the same year, MELLERIO dits MELLER participated in the “Fashion Creative French Boutique Exhibition” as a member of the French Fine Industry Association. MELLERIO dits MELLER brings its latest designs and orphans.

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