Improve quality Step 1: Do not sleep on weekends

Insomnia is a common problem in today's society. According to the survey results of the prevalence of insomnia in China, about one-third of all people in China suffer from insomnia, and the scope of insomnia affects the spirit, mood, memory and Physical health and other aspects, so how to effectively help insomnia patients to deal with their insomnia, and improve the quality of life, has also become the goal of the author's continuous efforts in sleep medicine.

At present, the clinical practice of insomnia treatment is still based on drug treatment, but the drug is easy to cause dependence (do not eat) and drug resistance (more and more); in the non-drug treatment of insomnia, clinically "Cognitive-behavioral therapy" is the main method. This method combines the principles of sleep medicine and psychotherapy, including: "sleep hygiene education", "abdominal breathing method", "muscle relaxation method", "self-inducing hypnosis method", " "Emotional Thoughts", "Stimulus Control Method", "Sleep Restriction Method" and "Psychological Cognition Adjustment".

In addition, the author also often used other sleep aid techniques, such as: "environmental adjustment", "sleep posture", "food and nutrition", "bubble", "aromatic oil therapy" and "music therapy".

This article provides an initial introduction to the basics of insomnia treatment - "sleep health education". I hope that readers can learn the basic concept of sleep aid to improve sleep problems, and then introduce other treatments for insomnia.

Sleep hygiene education:

In non-medical treatment, the most basic part is the so-called "sleep hygiene education" concept, which mainly discusses the lifestyle habits that may affect sleep, and tells patients how to change their living habits to have a good quality of sleep. Some common sleep hygienes include:

(1) Sleep-related habits 1. Regularity of sleep time, go to bed at the same time every day, and "get up" at the same time.

2. Avoid bedtime breaks during the day to avoid more than an hour, or avoid sleeping after three o'clock in the afternoon.

3. Do not sleep at the weekend to stabilize the physiological clock.

4. Arrange enough time to relax before going to bed, don't worry that you can't sleep.

5. Avoid doing things that are not related to sleep in bed (eg, don't watch TV, read official documents, read).

6. Get up in the middle of the night without watching the clock.

(2) Daily life habits 1. Develop the habit of regular exercise.

2. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages (eg coffee, tea, cola, refreshing drinks) within six to eight hours before bedtime.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise three to four hours before going to bed.

4. In order to avoid frequent urination at night, get up the toilet and avoid drinking too much before going to bed.

5. Avoid smoking before bedtime or using other nicotine products, because nicotine is a stimulant, it will make people feel excited and not easy to fall asleep.

6. Avoid drinking and helping to sleep, because alcohol can make people sleep in a short time, but after going to sleep, the quality of sleep is poor and the sleep structure is destroyed.

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