Dream odd personality style women's new age loyalty to the personal taste

Do not know if all the girls are the same as Xiaobian, for all adorable, hairy, incomparable Kawaii things are no paroxysm power, and this is called in addition to Monkey King the world's most famous little monkey - Monchhichi ( Dream odd ), but also with its sucking finger, pacifier signs "captured" the hearts of countless people.


Slightly lovely, neutral dream odd, gave the designer unlimited imagination, a strong personality style, so that cartoon is no longer only "cute" to describe it. With the popular footsteps, every detail of the performance metaphor of the subconscious small rebellion - triumph dressed neat norms, use of rich colors and feel free to mix and show their own style, subvert the uniforms in the traditional straight-line - trimming The way of presentation, and self-subconsciousness demonstrated without loss of norms.

梦奇奇个性风格女装  新时代忠于自我的个人化品位

Keep the traditional Tshirt comfortable, simple and easy to take features, coupled with the use of various kinds of cloth, color splicing, and multi-level fashion popular fusion to be integrated to create a dream odd personality traits, showing modern young people like fresh, special and Without losing the personality of dressing concept, express a new era of loyalty to the personal taste.

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