Maxi Ni Fashion Women, Mature light-winter favorite winter wear

Maxi Nicole women's fashion , light Mature winter favorite wear! Maxi Ni combines fashion elements in Europe and other fashion shoot, pay attention to innovation, multi-faceted expression of the fabric structure of the sense of sophistication of the new fabric applications, reflecting the urban sense of fashion; pay attention to streamline sense, reflecting MAXRIENY pursuit of freedom, lively personality; Emphasizing the inclusiveness of clothing, extending the brand's age span; attention to the application of details techniques, emphasizing the material splicing and fabric multiple performance; according to the specific fashion trends choose color, more in line with the urban fashion needs of women.


Low-key but elegant and elegant khaki has always been a necessity for light ladies in the closet, whether it is work or leisure, are not wrong color, simple and atmospheric coat coat, bringing a strong aura, with the wave point Printing scarves, highlight Europe and the United States Fan.


Fur is always easy to give a bloated and platinum gold rotten girl taste, so for light cock, usually to be excluded, but as long as the right use, fur also can be stylish and stylish, compact white fur vest with black Down, giving the elegant and gentle temperament.

As heat resistant materials, Aoshen® Heat-resistant spandex provides excellent processing properties to clients, which are well used for circular knitting and covering with various accompanying yarn, especially suit for the fabrics which request strict dyeing conditions. Its elasticity and strength can remain above 80% after dyeing under 130℃.

Heat Resistant Spandex

[Technical Superiority]

1. The dyeing temperature can reach 130℃, soaking time is less than 45 min, thermal-setting temperature can reach 185℃, and the action time is less than 50 s (Pilot test is recommended for different conditions of dyeing and finishing );

2. Under strict dyeing and finishing conditions, the spandex yarn in fabric will not be yellowed or get sticky, and its elasticity and strength remain good;

3. Can effectively prevent the spandex yarn from break during dyeing under high temperature.


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Heat Resistant Spandex

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