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Beautiful summer, everything is so colorful. For the beauty of the girls, the option will be cool and comfortable and stylish look good dress. Holding a parasol, walking on high heels walking on the road, exquisite dress will give people leave a good impression. Thought of the summer of the new, suitable for intellectual woman.


This rainbow stitching skirt simple round neckline, outlined a woman charming clavicle curve. Mainly white color, pure and moving. Hit the color of the black perspective yarn is very sexy, small fungus embellishment, details of red decorative pieces, the moment a lot of the overall increase. Waist style, exquisite fabrics, full of charm.

彩虹裙什么样的好看 拼接碎花裙亲肤柔和

This mosaic of short-sleeved skirt is very fresh and pleasant. Comfortable fabric, skin-friendly sweat Curved collar, it is a type. Beige will be very attractive youthful girl set off by the girl. Stitched printing folds are very light and pretty. With a pair of high heels, highlighting the literary temperament of women. What hairstyle with look good.

Picture from: Qian Si Man Women

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