Cases of women 's Jiangsu Nanjing provincial agency stores grand opening

May Day holiday is one of many businesses have opened in the good old days, the Leaky women naturally will not miss this good day, the 51 day, the Leaky Women Nanjing, Jiangsu provincial agency, Yangzhou Gaoyou store grand opening, the gold With the help of the week, the new case is more popular, win a good start, I believe the future performance of the store will also be booming.

"LEAGEL" brand was born in 2006, from the Italian design process, with smooth, classic, soft, simple, generous, elegant, elegant as the main style, and integration of Europe's most popular elements and cultural heritage, join the design concept of the East, Designed for 25-40 year-old women to provide elegant fashion clothing, by the majority of urban women's favorite. Is usher in the concern of many entrepreneurs.


Franchise ladies brand , 0 franchise fee, 0 brand management fee, season 100% exchange goods, low discount get goods, 300% profit. More franchisees to provide new store opening activities planning, manager, shopping guide professional skills training, professional color matching, display of goods, holiday promotions and other home-based counseling services, free single-store agents to provide a unified image design and sustainable maintenance of the store Image. The new listed company unified Peihuo, franchisees assured business. Diversified products, a wide range of prices, a wide range of consumer groups, the brand is good, style and more, low prices, the sale of new models, the young groups, mature market catch. New business opportunities in the 21st century, absolutely not to be missed, call or leave a message as soon as possible.

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