Sineville production center in April ended the three major competitions

May 7, West Navis Manufacturing Center 6S, quality, synchronization three awards ceremony held in front of the office building. In this way, we affirm and reward the management achievements of the supervisors and team leaders in each excellent area and encourage everyone to persistently clean up, cleanse and reorganize the workshop every day in their work and develop good hygiene habits so as to continuously improve the production efficiency .


In the April 6S competition, the 8 teams won the championship, the leader Wu Changde was awarded the pennant side; won the runner-up team as follows: the entire group of 4 (Wang Jinri), running water 15 (leader Shi Guiping); access to Third runner-up team: a stream of water (group leader Changsheng), water 31 group (team leader Yang Weidong), water 9 group (group leader Mao Mi Qing).


The top three winners in the April Quality Competition were: the entire group of 5 (hairline: 0.05%, repairing: 0.48%), flowing 49 (hairline: 0.06%, repairing: 1.51% (Hairline: 0.09%, repair: 0.90%), the last one is two workshops flowing 10 groups (hairline: 3.23%, repair: 3.08%).

In particular, it is worth mentioning that in the first two weeks a week in the hairline checks, the 49 groups of hair every time the number of hair lines have reached 50 or more. After a group leader for a period of time on the staff awareness of quality and effective implementation of the control, the number of lines on the group greatly reduced. In the later spot checks, the line is almost zero wool.


The winners of the April Synchronization Contest are: No. 1 team of 14 runners (team leader: Jiao Wenbao, IE: Yu Huifang), 21 team of the second runner-up (Team Leader: Chang Ronggui, IE: Huang Xue Tao) Famous team of water 8 groups (team leader: Wu Changde, IE: Zhu Junbin, Xu Zihua), fourth place running water 11 group (team leader: Zhang Yong, Nie Jiaxi, IE: Li Zhan, Yu Huifang). The first place in this competition is two consecutive years. Synchronization rate increase, means that the stability of the production line. On the basis of synchronization, it drives the working atmosphere of the production line staff, optimizes the process, adjusts the balance rhythm and reduces the backlog of semi-finished products so as to ensure the maximum efficiency.

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