The mat is too cold, the cotton is too hot for parents to buy cotton and linen products.

The mat is too cold, the cotton is too hot for parents to buy cotton and linen products.

How long have you not cared about your parents' life? Are their clothes, food, shelter and transportation all "handled"? This summer, I will buy a set of cool bedding for my mom and dad, so that they can enjoy it during their sleep time.

Cotton bed is the first choice for summer
The quality of the bed and bedding directly affects the quality of sleep. Miss Liu, who just bought two sets of beige cotton bed products, is going to buy it for the parents on both sides: "After autumn and winter, they use pure cotton bedding, but in the summer, my mother said that sweating sheets are easy to go. Sticking on my body, my friend gave me a set of four sets of cotton and linen. I used it very comfortably. I will buy them a set, or they will not buy them.” Cotton bedding is easy to shrink, pure linen bed. The product is too rough, and the cotton and linen products combine the advantages of both, which are cool, breathable, soft and comfortable. The sales staff of Boyang Home Textiles said: "The summer in the northeast is not so hot. It is not necessary to drive air conditioners or fans all night. The elderly seats may be too cold, so we generally recommend buying cotton and linen beds. Its biggest advantage is that the ability to absorb sweat is particularly prominent, and the body temperature can quickly return to normal, achieving the effect of ventilation and cooling."

Be cautious when purchasing a promotional wash

The reporter learned about the visits to the major shopping malls in Chuncheng. As the temperature rises, the recent sales of cotton and linen products have increased. The merchants have also launched promotional activities, and they have to buy adult bedding to give children a cotton mat and buy four pieces. A set of bedding offers a special offer for summer cool quilts. The salesperson of Mengjie bedding introduced the main points of the linen and linen care. She said: “The cotton and linen products can be washed with various soaps or detergents. The bedding can be put in water before washing. A few minutes, but can not be washed with hot water, otherwise the bed is easy to yellow. The water temperature is ideally controlled at 40 ~ 50 degrees Celsius. Avoid drying in the sun to prevent fading when drying."

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