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Company Profile Dongguan Jiansong Garments Co., Ltd. is located in Humen, a famous historical and cultural town in China. Founded in 1998, Dongguan Jiansong Garment Co., Ltd. is a professional children's clothing chain enterprise integrating design, production and sales. Mainly in the production and operation of cotton-based needle (shuttle) weaving, Maozhi, T-shirts, windbreaker, corduroy, jeans and other children's clothing products. International children's clothing R & D center in Hong Kong is a children's clothing R & D institutions directly under the company, with dozens of children's wear designer team in Hong Kong and mainland China, with international trends, the development of avant-garde, popular and marketable children's clothing products, continue to meet the national market The more customer needs. Dongguan good children Clothing Co., Ltd is directly under the production plant, with hundreds of skilled production team and have good relations of cooperation between the manufacturer; have a first-class management team, first-class marketing team. In order to further adapt to the needs of market changes, strengthen its own management level and improve work efficiency, the company adopts advanced target management mode to comprehensively improve the quality of staff and product technology, and constantly improve the product structure, and constantly tap the market to tap the potential of the company , Enhance the brand's market competitiveness and visibility, reputation. Dongguan City, good children's Clothing Co., Ltd to franchising and regional brand agency mode of operation, is the national market brand agent, children's wear business and joining the ideal development of children's wear brand. After years of development, Dongguan City, good children's apparel Co., Ltd. now has a good child, goodwill princess two main children's clothing brand. The main franchise chain model to the market. Over the past 10 years, the company has established seven marketing centers all over the country. As companies attach importance to promotion and publicity, the product loved by the majority of consumers recognized and has been in the fierce competition in the children's clothing market has laid a solid foundation. Become the field of children's wear in the country has a very competitive position. At present, the company's marketing network throughout China and Southeast Asia. In the company of "integrity, win-win, development," business philosophy, is committed to creating good children's wear apparel in China's domestic and international brand clothing market, the most potential fashion children's clothing brand. We sincerely welcome friends in the industry calls, the communication negotiate brand or brand agency and international trade business, for the prosperity and development of the world children's wear market work together to create brilliant. Company philosophy 1. Company philosophy: leading the consumer trend of children's wear, creating a colorful life for children 2. The spirit of the company: pioneering and innovative, hard-working, pragmatic and dedicated 3. Mission: wisdom and labor to promote children's clothing industry's prosperity and development 4. Company goals : "Good child" into a "China Top Ten brand children's clothing" 5. Company values: dedication to the community value; create benefits for the company; create opportunities for employees 6. Talent Concept: loyalty, professionalism, responsible and inclusive 7. Business philosophy: integrity management of life, create value quality, the brand influence the future. Build a century-old. Shantou clothing joined hotline-85187576

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