[Store marketing] 51 big promotion around the corner, how to do a good job?

The first one: the second choice of a skill When the customer repeatedly issued a purchase signal, but undecided undecided when the idea can be used "to choose one of the" skills. For example, your customers at the same time optimistic about two different styles or the same style but different colors of the shirt, and try on more than three times the above is not determined to buy, then you can make Purchasing Guide to customers, said: Black or brown? "Or say:" Do you buy one or two? "This" choose one of the "questioning skills, in fact, is to help you get your idea, let him make up his mind Bought.

The second measure: Gu around for many of his customers even if interested in buying, do not like to pay promptly, he always wanton pick, in the product color, leather, style, and even continue to spin around the origin. At this time, clever shopping guide will change the strategy, not to talk about the payment of the matter, it is best not even "buy" the word do not mention, instead of passion to help each other selection, once the above problems are solved, your business will be implemented It's

The third measure: the more hanging his appetite, can not buy things more people want to get it, buy it. You can use this "afraid to buy" psychology to promote business. For example, let Purchasing Guide for customers who have been reluctant to decide: "This product has only the last one, and will not be purchased in a short time, you do not have it." Or "Today is the deadline for special price, please Take a chance and you will not be able to buy that discount tomorrow. "

Fourth trick: step by step method Customers want to buy your goods can no longer have confidence in it, it may suggest that she first try to see. As long as she has confidence in the product, although the purchase of her have some difficulties, but after each other through satisfaction, it is possible to buy our brand next time. This "try-and-see" technique can also help customers decide to buy.

Fifth trick: desperation Some customers are naturally indecisive, although he is interested in our clothes, but stranded, have not made a decision. At this time, you may wish to pack up, to make the appearance to be removed. This act of pretending to leave sometimes forces each other to make up their mind.

Sixth trick: the questioning of the answer When the customer asked about a product, unfortunately no coincidence, you have to use the question to promote sales. For example, the customer asks: "Are you wearing red clothes?" At this time, Purchasing Guide can not answer no, but should ask: "Sorry! The manufacturers did not produce, but we have white, brown, pink, here Which one do you prefer in several colors? "At this point, he basically agreed to buy as long as the customer could say which color was better.

Seventh trick: cut the Gordian knot in After trying out the above several techniques, can not impress each other, you have to resort to killer steel, cut the Gordian knot, direct request customers to buy. For example, she took the goods she picked but did not pay, and said: "If you want to have time to go back and cook your husband and children, just buy it!"

Eighth trick: apprenticeship art, humble attitude in your exhaustive tongue, using all one's skill is invalid, seeing this business can not do it, may wish to try this method. For example, "Miss, although I know that our products are perfect for you, my ability is so poor that I can not convince you, and I admit defeat, but please point out the inadequacy of our products and give us an opportunity for improvement. OK? "Like this humble discourse, it is not only easy to satisfy each other's vanity, but also to eliminate the confrontation between each other emotions. She will guide you while encouraging you, in order to cheer you up, maybe I can pay to buy a dress yet.

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