Zhuo Touchao 2012 spring new album fresh "baked"

The essence of fashion is the sense of the times, Zhuo Tazi walk in the forefront of the times, keen fashion tentacles step by step into the young women independent sensibility, the pursuit of colorful personality world. Zhuo colorful costume interpretation of the fashionable women's personality story, Zhuo Tzu's clothing culture highlights the modern women's cultural connotation. Fashion personality, fashion sweet, fashion dynamic three series of products to meet the greater age of 20-38 years old, the main consumer customers 22-28 years old and the pursuit of fashion, personality, simplicity, taste, dynamic, dynamic young women. Adhering to reflect the rhythm of fashion to show the trend of new fashion design concept, it is to invite "fairy sister" Liu Yifei endorsement, 2012 spring new album fresh "baked."

Liu Yifei endorse Zhuo Tzu 2012 spring ladies

Our world famous dreamy Tibetan Lamb Fur pillow made from 100% real soft and fluffy Tibetan lamb fur on one side of the pillow,backed with faux suede backing. 

All of our Tibetan lamb Fur Cushions are fully lined on both the front and back to provide stability and longevity. 

You can fill the pillow with a stuffing material or pillow of your choice. They add a touch of softness, beauty, and warmth to any room.

The Tibetan Lamb Fur Pillow fur is over 3.5 inches long. All colors are professionally dyed. 

Tibetan lamb fur pillow is a luxurious fur that is incredibly soft, silky and curly.

tibetan lamb fur pillow

Tibetan Lamb Fur Pillow

Tibetan Lamb Fur Pillow,Pink Tibetan Lamb Fur Pillow,White Tibetan Lamb Fur Pillow


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