Yuxiang Insert: Jade Carving Art of Fragrance Culture

It has been popular for many years, not to mention the popularity of Xiangdao. At least, the general public has a little knowledge of agarwood, no longer as strange as in the past. But the real players are still a minority. The identification of a fragrant incense, the threshold is still too high; again, after all, fragrant incense is extravagant, have leisure, rich, but also a bit of culture, leisure and elegance. Collect chess, the ancient method of incense, play the fragrant seats, after all, niche.

It is still the most popular, and the price is very popular. It is also very convenient to use it.

As a tool for smouldering incense, it has also emerged as a result. A variety of materials, all kinds of shapes, which are not lack of elegant, interesting, ancient, although contemporary crafts, but also playable.

My three pieces of jade incense are from the studio of Yang Yuyu. I have always believed that in the contemporary jade carving industry, Yang Lan is undoubtedly the leader. His design ability and completion are impressive. In addition, I have not found that the second person has such a strong creative ability in Saitama. The two collections of "Froging" and "Autumn Sound" in my collection, Hetian Baiyuxiang, are obviously the result of his carvings. Special materials often give creators a special inspiration. "Frog" is a seed material based on blue and white. The so-called blue and white is a mixture of white jade and ink jade. White, black, black and white, is a good blue and white. But this piece is not, most of them are mixed in black and white, not black or white, and gray. What is valuable is that this material has a special white and delicate, pure and no impurities. Yang Lan carved it into a frog. The rest is lotus leaf. The blue-and-white lotus leaves set off the white frogs, making the latter more radiant and lovely. The design of the lotus leaf is very vivid. Such works, for those who love jade and love, naturally fall in love.

Another "Autumn Sound" is a piece of Hetian seed with yellow-yellow scutellaria. The material is not pure, cotton, and stiff. Yang Lan carved it into an autumn leaf, withered, yellow, and the edge of the leaf broke and was missing. However, it is still a beautiful leaf. The leaves are elegant and golden in color. It is the color of autumn, the deep color, can be carried with you, and can be placed on the desk. Plug in a line of incense, color, fragrance, and mood, is the concrete and small of the beautiful autumn, not only brings sensory enjoyment, it seems to purify the soul.

Two small gourds, originally made in Shanghai, the fan bone collector. The main collection of Zhidou Brothers is the bamboo fan bone carved by the Jinshi family in the Qing Dynasty. It is a collection of 腋 腋 裘. Last year, I was invited by the International Writers' Workshop of Baptist University to visit Hong Kong for one month. During the visit to Hong Kong, I met the collector Lao Luo. In addition to the rich collection of high ancient jade, Lao Luo has more than 200 bamboo carvings of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. Zhidou saw me appear in the WeChat circle of friends and immediately flew to Hong Kong. In the collection, it can be described as crazy! This pair of Hetian seed small gourd, jade is particularly fine and white, called sheep fat. Chiba was originally used as a fan pendant, but when I got something, I felt too heavy, and I didn’t want it for a while. I went to Yang Lan to chat and see this pair of small things, suddenly felt that it would be better to make them into small scent! Immediately let Yang Lan go to the hole to make a payment. Whether it is a painting or a craft, the gourd is both easy and difficult. It's easy to make a casual look and it's easy to recognize. But the type is thoughtful and tasteful, but it is very difficult. These two small gourds, which look so honest, are actually ingenious and more interesting. I have agreed with Yang Lan that each of them will not be produced, and will definitely make the eyes of the witnesses sigh.

Who would have thought, after a few months, Zhidou brother called me and said to me, "The cipher is still the same." What do you mean? Inexplicable! It turned out that the jade gourd of Yang Lan was inserted into his hand. "Doing a fan is too big, it is very difficult to change into a fragrant spirit! Like it!" Chiba brother is obviously excited, and the voice is a little trembling. They are all fetishes! When you get a good thing, you are happy! It’s not a great work, is it? A little bit good!

In fact, I am still not the same! Always rotate the three Hetian white jade incense sticks on the body, every time the collection, it will be taken out, burning a fragrant, attracting countless praises and envy, not too fast! Sometimes the singularity of the singularity, a bundle of blue lights, will be carefully watched and gently played. Mobile phone beauty, enjoy yourself, kill a dusk time.

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