Warmly congratulate Shenzhen Fu Yong and Yuan boss to join Dai Qi!


Warmly congratulate Shenzhen Fu Yong and Yuan boss to join Dai Qi ! Korean style decoration, Korean product differences, has attracted! Thanks to the boss's trust and support, Dai Qi and you open the door to wealth! More new products a comprehensive listing, welcome new and old customers view Pro purchase!


Opened a new store, lovely and sophisticated trend of Korean, to meet the contemporary Korean women's chase. An assortment of underwear new products, colorful colors, a variety of trendy elements, high-quality natural fabrics, so that the shop is full of lively and lively atmosphere. The overall aesthetic style, to attract the trend of women. Dai Qi underwear with strength and unique style quickly occupy the Chinese market, will also occupy the vast majority of young women's wardrobe.

Once again, I congratulate the opening of the new store, happy! If you are interested in Dai Qi underwear or have any questions you can leave a message on the site or dial the hotline, Welcome to Dai Qi family! 2015, will usher in a more brilliant performance!


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