On the occasion of the New Year, poetry Beibei brand women bring New Year greetings

Waving hard-working arms, so pure in the hearts of the turmoil, the hope of planting in the seasons of the border, a lush surprise, full of life on the road. No matter now, whether you sail, but your life is already wonderful! On the occasion of the Chinese New Year 2015, all employees of Carrie Apparel, Representative of China Merchants Brand Poetry Brand, wish you all the best in the new year: good health and good luck! I wish the friends of the country dealers business is booming in the new year, wide source of money!


Poetry Beibei brand investment department

Carrie apparel is a young and energetic integrated garment enterprise that integrates garment design, manufacturing and marketing. It owns two major women's fashion brands , "Poetry Honey" and "SZ". Seven years of ups and downs, the company has always been adhering to the "customer satisfaction, create a win-win" the purpose of continuous development and innovation, while attracting a large number of professional apparel management personnel, the introduction of goods, operations, image management system through the design , Management, image, service continues to improve and improve, and gradually make the brand deep, so refined, stronger.

值此新年来临之际 诗蓓蜜品牌女装带来新春的问候

In 2015, Carrie apparel will provide more fashion apparel to consumers with a new look, excellence and innovation. At the same time, we also invite more apparel industry operators to join and cooperate with each other, Create a win-win!

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