Down jacket parent-child wear with the same clothes to wear the relationship

What is the relationship between wearing the same clothes? Now chances are very few Zhuangshan, wearing the same clothes are in advance to say good, not girlfriends is the lovers, but now sisters installed is not very attractive style, but the mother and daughter was even more like people, are That students have to give birth early, it really is good, so you can wear the mother and daughter with the baby, hot mom and tide girl dress is very much the reduction of age Oh. Can not refuse is the fashion style, fashion for people in the community now is part of life, Angel stage mother and daughter brand, jacket style jacket, and now colder and lesser weather, not a down jacket how to do it? Not only Should pay attention to their own warmth but also pay attention to the baby's warmth, the angel stage is the mother and daughter's dress up, let dad go jealous. Down jacket mother and daughter style is not very bright colors, dark-colored dress is also very good, dark blue and black two down jacket styles, fur collar embellishment within the black or white to take the lower body with black leggings, Definitely thin and very stylish, tide mom's dress how can you miss it?

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