Li Si Women Gansu Zhangye, Luohe Dennis, Huizhou, Guang'an Longtai department store four new stores 5.1 grand opening

Finally approaching May Day, a small holiday at your fingertips, but think overcrowded area, suddenly did not travel mood, not as comfortable home house at home, but after a long period of time must have their own busy, then Go to Li Si women's store it! Gansu Zhangye, Luohe Dennis, Huizhou, Guang'an Longtai four stores will also be a grand opening of 5.1, 2014 summer new product over the same period, more surprises offer waiting for you oh.

Li Si women emphasize the natural clothing, unrestrained, fashion, elegant, both South Korean ladylike temperament, but also contains the oriental alchemy girls straightforward, into the European classical style and exquisite nostalgic decorative elements, so that urban women in the leisure and fast-paced The beauty of life in a calm bloom of energy and confidence.


Each Li Si products are designer's meticulous work, the color requirements and selection of natural undistorted, youthful bright but not tacky, emphasizing the timeless, the system simple, avoid wearing cumbersome, with casual and classic Interpretation of the era of women's self and aesthetic.

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