Laughter laugh children's brand interpretation of joy true color

The romantic fashion from Paris, France combines Chinese children's fashion elements, creating children's clothing brand with Chinese characteristics and integrating the upstream supply chain with unique and unique laughs and fish-specific fabrics, so that every child has a special children's clothing brand. Laughter laughter brand children's clothing for the joy of childhood to add joyous colors, for the happiness of growth marked my true colors. Pattern: The three small fish form a happy smile. Three small fish represent the company, the partners and the family respectively. The three parties are united and work together to create a happy childhood. Color: Red China, on behalf of auspicious, happy and thriving vitality. Text: French "Sourire" means "happy", referring to the joy and romance from France; Chinese "Laughing and laughing fish" contains Chinese joy and auspiciousness.

Girls` ballerinas

The ballet appeared inItalyduring the Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries, and the artists tried to imitate the ancient Greek style. It mainly embodies the elegant temperament. It is reminiscent of the sublime art of ballet. Comfortable and easy to wear, fashion, pure, lovely and sweet girls` shoes. Girls` ballerinas, the style of shoe head is general with round head or open toe, on popular element, with bowknot and flower to adorn, highlight sweet style. It belongs to Flat Shoes and comfort shoes, for which is totally different from party shoes though it wears for party or dancing. The collocation is mainly with soft beauty, melting dress or condole belt is given priority, suit any life occasion to wear, very much be loved by the girls. After all, every girl has a fantastic dream. 

Girls Ballarinas(Ballets) Girls Ballerinas in comfort sock

Girls Ballerinas

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