【E Fashion】 2015 autumn and winter in addition to the coat over fire


Early winter has long passed, and now really a bit cold, MM regardless of demeanor or temperature, adding a large piece of their own to the United States imminent protection of the imminent beauty.

【E时尚】2015秋冬除了大衣 这货超火

This issue for everyone to share lamb lambskin coat whether it is from fashion or winter wear is prevailing, it takes into account the warm and more emphasis on chic and fashion degrees.

【E时尚】2015秋冬除了大衣 这货超火

Lambskin jacket design because of the fabric surface properties can not be ever-changing color, but in the simple outline, a good texture of lamb enough to fashion warmth and clothing quality care.

【E时尚】2015秋冬除了大衣 这货超火

Since last year, the lambskin coat has once again been the focus of the fashion industry, and its warm attributes are defined as winter's most reliable fashion items in addition to down jackets and coats.

【E时尚】2015秋冬除了大衣 这货超火

Coat: (RMB: 2380)

Knitting: (RMB: 1380)

Pants: (RMB: 920)

emely from the fashion capital of Paris. Fusion designer creativity and pragmatism, European art aesthetics and urban office workers style, take the wonderful and temperament superior deployment. emely clothing focus on texture, detail, self-cultivation cut, pay attention to the occasional costumes, is the originality, popularity and practicality of the perfect combination. Emely convey to women is full of texture and elegant taste of life, so intellectual fashion women in the workplace and life to show superior taste while taking into account the prevalence.

【E时尚】2015秋冬除了大衣 这货超火

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