British wind how to wear a bald British Wind women with

With "English style" alone, it should be able to circle a large number of fans now. Girls just wear a little bit of an element of the British coat or shoes, a hat, so you can immediately easily get countless love and praise, British style charm is so big there is no reason not to see Ivana grass One women is how to say Right


Sweet girl on the right to wear a white collar coat, very handsome! Coat buttons and the connection subtly revealed the retro taste, such a coat with how it? Like a model, take a dark plaid dress, and then with a fashion hat + platform shoes, absolutely full of British beauty; short hair girls like boys can choose this flower gray woolen jacket, not only the version is very three-dimensional, but also Can highlight the British fashion taste. Use it with a nine-point suit harem pants + platform shoes, will definitely be back than the boy Oh.

Whether it is sweet or handsome girls can easily control the British style, and only the British-style boys and girls take-all, in addition to more than style, we are only better than who take a look, and hurriedly pick up one woman!

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