Double eleven store shopping guide after winter choose what clothes good

Double eleven are hot preparations, online brands, offline stores are prepared for the double eleven, when 11.11 or Singles, when you think this is your holiday, but when the 11.11 became a national carnival festival When you feel that this is a cruel dog festival, a good Singles has become a lover of lovers festival, but also show off a festival, double eleven not only Lynx, Jingdong, Taobao and other major online brands The crazy period is the big shopping season for offline entities. Double eleven online shopping can not meet everyone, then come to the store to see it. Double eleven store shopping Raiders. Double eleven arrival, but also just entering the winter season, enter the store where we choose from? Double eleven shopping can not be too blind, to identify the brand you want, mothers must give priority to children's wear, so Xiaobian today to introduce you to Kekebuke double XI store shopping guide shopping list As follows: Double eleven purchase a single product 1 Down: Down is a single product to be defeated after the establishment of winter, but also the lack of warm style, Xiao Bian proposed to the children to choose long section of the down jacket, so the length of a little warmer, And whether boys or girls with more convenient. Double eleven purchase single product 2. Jacket: There are many kinds of jackets, for example, suit jacket, windbreaker coat short paragraph version is also more suitable choice, because the winter can not wear a jacket, cotton style, and occasionally can be replaced Style, and winter may also heat up, some slightly thicker coat is more needed. Double eleven purchase items 3. woolen: woolen fabric in autumn and winter should be more of a best-selling fabric, but you have prepared down jacket, but do not feel too cold to wear a little too bloated down jacket, a Cot jacket warm and self-cultivation. Double eleven purchase single product 4. Bottoming shirt: winter wear styles have been selected, and then certainly take into account the issue of the ride, and now not only the jacket can be new, within the ride can not see anyway , But now take a focal point, take inside can be used as a single indoor wear a single product, how can you miss another fashion opportunity? However, the bottoming shirt Xiaobian not introduced one by one, because the bottoming shirt styles are many, such as backing dress, sweaters, sweaters, long T-shirts, shirts, sweaters and other single items can be used as a winter primer Shirt, moms look at it. Baccarat 2015 new autumn and winter all listed, mothers can take advantage of double eleven to buy, you can also shop in the usual time to stroll, there will always be gains.

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