Congratulations: Bakola today stationed in Fuzhou, Fujian and Jilin Baicheng double store opening celebration of all the best

Double eleven to buy winter clothes for your child is your main theme? It does not matter, Baccarat children's wear invites you to look at both the shopping malls in Jilin and Fuzhou. Warm congratulations: Bakora today stationed in Fuzhou, Fujian and Baicheng double celebration of the city of Baicheng, all the best, the business is booming! The next three days, Jilin and Fujian weather basically maintained in a clear sunny day, there is no rain interference, so parents can be bold and confident with the baby enjoy out to play or shopping Oh. If you come to Baccarat children's wear counters, may wish to look more into the store, because there is the most green and the most healthy children's wear fabric created by a variety of simple and elegant, classic and elegant style of children's wear, fashion, personality, lively Kids comfortably positioned to show your child the most innocent and loveliest side and to help your child retain one of the most beautiful childhoods. Like to hurry to stroll it! This double-store celebration is also a good omen to catch on the eve of Double XI. Therefore, new stores, new models and new promotions are naturally more and more good, and there may be unexpected surprises waiting for you! What are you waiting for?


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