Double eleven to buy what gift to send her emotional secret sexy lace underwear

Say a woman living in a "doll", they are sensual, lovely, kind and full of fantasy are a series of doll body uppercase characteristics, when hit a woman's doll heart, we naturally have to cherish the talent Yes, love fantasy mushroom cold they will imagine wearing a sexy lace underwear big body, double eleven to buy what gift to send her? Of course, a sexy lace underwear most suitable.


Pure and noble girl

Girls full of girls hearts, of course, elegant and elegant white lace underwear never forget, girls heart butterfly and lace straps are designed for this lingerie to save a lot of popularity, 3/4 cup bread wrapped in a small busty sister side of the lace Under the sweetness of the hair can also play the effect of lace breasts, wear really noble and elegant Oh.

双十一买什么礼物送她 情感的秘密性感蕾丝内衣

Jiao Qiao lovely girls

If she is a thin figure sister paper, want to create a sexy and plump feeling, in addition to the choice of underwear lace can also choose this adjustable gather bra, from the chest connected to the neck design, the formation of a solid triangle Together to create a charming breast gather together cleavage effect, coupled with cup lace embellishment, not only visually more full but also deduce a small cute style Oh.

双十一买什么礼物送她 情感的秘密性感蕾丝内衣

Mature charm girls

All-purpose sexy lace, in fact, every woman of all ages should have a slightly mature women can choose to join the leopard on the lace design, black and white wild leopard print black lace more attractive charm, Strong shoulder strap force, stable chest shaping elegant beauty back.

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