The lack of awareness of curtain cleaning is not tolerated by cockroaches

The cleaning of curtains is often overlooked by people. It is not known that long-term hanging curtains are the perfect place for locust breeding! For the health of the family, strengthen the awareness of curtain cleaning, and declare war on bacteria for health!

The lack of awareness of curtain cleaning is not tolerated by cockroaches

Home cleaning, there is a particularly important project that can't be forgotten - curtain cleaning! After visiting the survey, the majority of the families found that most people pay great attention to the choice and matching of curtains, but there are at least 90 residents in the 100 households. “Forget to wash the curtains”; even some families “have never washed the curtains”.

Forget to wash curtains, children infected with mites

Ms. Liu recently found that her child had a lot of red cockroaches. After being diagnosed by a doctor at the dermatology hospital, she was told that the culprit was a "locust."

"In March, I won’t be sunburned, and millions of locusts will sleep with you." In this case, it has caused widespread concern on the Internet. "Bedrooms are places where locusts are easy to breed. The bed that is most in direct contact with us is the place with the most dust mites." Experts told reporters that people can't simply judge whether the dust mites are clean at home or not. In fact, dust mites are more common in mattresses, bedding cotton, pillow cores, sheets that are not often cleaned, quilts, old pillows, mattresses that are not easy to clean, bedding, infrequently cleaned wool, cotton Carpets, heavy curtains, etc. are hotbeds of dust. Sofas and mattresses are not cleaned for a long time. It is easy to breed mites. We all know, but it is easy to attract mites without cleaning the curtains. Do you know?

Experts reminded that "the curtains are not suspended for a long time, and there is a lot of dust and dust mites on them. It is an important reason for the poor indoor air quality. It is best to wipe the dust on the curtains with a clean wet cloth every other week or two, especially Households with children or pets at home should be thoroughly cleaned once every six months. If there are people with respiratory diseases or other infectious diseases at home, it is best to disinfect them when washing curtains."

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