2014 spring and summer classic retro wave point with you Fun trend

Classic wave patterns, with a very rich retro atmosphere, whether it is a simple black and white wave points, or eye-catching jumping color wave points, these little bit as if they are given by the designer life in general, to bring people to jump, lively and easy Feel Spring and summer 2014, let us walk into the wave of the world, feel the unique charm of wave.


Figure: EZADAD - 伊丝艾蒂 2014 new products

Each woman's wardrobe at least have to prepare a small dress style skirt, allowing you to easily deal with various occasions. Like Isidou this black and white wave point sleeveless dress is a good choice, whether the color or pattern will not be outdated, waist version can show your style.

2014春夏经典搭配 复古波点带你玩转潮流

Figure: EZADAD - 伊丝艾蒂 2014 new products

Polka Dot shirt nowadays often abandoned the complex decoration, return to simple style, with black waist pants, urban beauty essential mastery of the immediate presence of the silver snake-clutch with the overall Look of the finishing touch.

2014春夏经典搭配 复古波点带你玩转潮流

Figure: EZADAD - 伊丝艾蒂 2014 new products

Weekend leisure, shopping with friends, the most important choice to dress easily, draw the word vest version of the sleeveless chiffon shirt design with a white leggings, so the classic match is simple and easy yet stylish sense.

Around April 2017, our gemstone supplier gave us a rose quartz roller(a handheld massaging tool), and he told us that this beauty product is called Jade Roller and it a has a huge market. He suggested that we develop such products. Since then, we have developed this new product line of jade roller. Now we have self-owned factory, we can offer high quality jade roller for global customer with wholesale price.

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