Reply to the common language of customer inquiry

1. Our condition is that the payment within 2 days is a 2% discount, and there is no discount for payment within 30 days.

Our terms are 2% ten days, thirty days net.

2. Our company is limited to paying discounts to those who pay cash within 10 days from the date of invoice.

We only allow a cash discount on payments made within ten days of date of invoice.

3. Customers who purchase goods from our company will be paid in cash. The payment will be paid within 30 days from the date the invoice is issued. If the cash is paid immediately, our company will pay 30 days of interest on the basis of 5% of the annual profit.

Terms to identify buyers strictly net cash, payment within thirty days from invoice date, for prompt cash we will allow thirty days interest, at the rate of 5% per annum.

4. Conditions: immediate delivery. After the goods arrive at our factory, they will be paid in cash immediately after checking the weight and quality.

Terms: early delivery, and net cash payment after receipt of the material at our works, and verification of weight and quality.

5. Cash payment discounts are limited to those who pay in cash within 10 days.

Cash discounts are allowed only on accounts that are paid within the ten-day limit.

6. You will find that our company's offer for your offer is unprecedented.

You will find that we have given you the best terms customary in our business.

7. The drafts provided before the first day of each month shall be settled on the 25th in accordance with the practice of our company.

My habit is to settle on the 25th all bills rendered on or before the 1st of each and every month.

8. Our company's payment terms are cash payment within 3 months after delivery. If you pay the purchase price within 1 month, you can get a 5% discount.

Our terms are cash within three months of date of delivery, or subject to 5 per cent discount if paid within one month.

9. Your reply to the inquiry for this product is as follows:

In answer to your inquiry fo rthe article, we reply you sd follows.

10. For your inquiry yesterday, we will send you a wallpaper sample similar to your request.

In reply to your enquiry of yesterdays date, we are sending you herewith several samples of wall paper closely resembling to what you want.

11. I quote you on this item as follows:

We are pleased to quote you for the goods as following.

12. I enclose a copy of the current price list for the item. Please check it.

Enclosed we hand you a price-current for the goods.

13. The above quotation will undoubtedly change with the market changes.

Of course these quotations are all subject to the fluctuations of the market.

14. The above price list was prepared in cash, and we believe that many discounts can be made.

We think you can well accord us a substantial discount off your list prices, which we see are quoted net cash.

15. For this batch of goods that are paid in cash, if you can get some discount benefits from the price list, thank you very much.

We shall be glad if you will quote us the best discount for cash off your list price for cash for this quantity.

16. Payment terms of my company: pay in cash. For those who pay within 10 days from the date of invoice, a 2% discount will be applied.

Our terms, as our invoice states, are 2% cash discount, only within ten days of date of invoice.

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