Diabetes should choose to wear round shoes

[This site] Ms. Zuo, Shapingba District, Chongqing: My mother-in-law is a diabetic. I want to choose a pair of spring shoes for her. What needs special attention?

Associate Professor Liang Ziwen, Department of Endocrinology, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University, China: The incidence of diabetic foot is relatively low in spring, because the blood vessels of the foot are dilated and the blood circulation is better after warming. However, in the spring, foot injuries to diabetic patients should be prevented. Therefore, a comfortable pair of shoes is very important for people with diabetes.

It's best to let your mother-in-law go to the mall to test your shoes with you in the afternoon. Be sure to choose a soft, breathable, relatively loose round-toe shoes. Do not buy shoes with high heels or over-toe tips. Slowly when wearing shoes, pay attention to check whether there are foreign objects in the shoes.

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