Flower umbrella to create an unprecedented menswear shopping experience

On October 31, 2011, Arnold Palmer (Flower Umbrella), a brand of men's fashion business (business fashion, success really) represented by Zhongshan Longzi Knitting Garment Co., Ltd., specialized in the import and export of garments and clothing, Holiday Inn held a grand 2012 spring and summer new fashion conference and product orders. Zhongshan City Chamber of Commerce leaders, Zhongshan Dragon Knitwear Co., Ltd. senior leadership, from all over the country joined the excellent agents, fashion people and the news media to share this fashion feast from Europe and the United States, stylish and elegant workplace style, 20 models Wonderful interpretation of the celebrity guests wonderful performances, the conference site will continue to lead the climax. Conference since nine as early as the middle interspersed with stars, models show catwalk interaction, as well as song and dance performances and other kinds of rich activities, exciting constantly, climax after another. American Arnold palmer flower umbrella (business fashion, success really I) style men's brand by Mr. Arnold? Palma was founded in the 50s last century. Since its inception, with its pure brand, fine workmanship, simple design, fresh colors swept the world, designed for elegant career-oriented men tailor-made clothing accessories. The concept of brand designers is to bring the dress to the requirements, but there is no idle men who can go shopping dressing. The product is based on a complete collection, From Head To Toe, which aims to make the city's business-elite men get the most stylish outfits one-stop without wasting too much time. After years of precipitation, Arnold palmer (flower umbrella) has become famous in the global fashion industry. The Arnold palmer (flower umbrella) 2012 spring and summer new fashion conference and product orders will focus on the audience guests introduced 3 series of new products. The new products will be derived from Europe and the United States fashion elements with the eastern male body characteristics, lifestyle and other local factors fully integrated, so that the workplace elite can experience the latest European and American fashion trends. Conference, the Zhongshan City Chamber of Commerce and financial leaders Arnold Palmer (Flower umbrella) and the Dragon's Knitwear Co., Ltd. spoke highly of Lu Zhizi Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. Lu made a speech, joined the agent from Chengdu, Zhou Arnold palmer (flower umbrella) market-style positioning be fully affirmed. Arnold Palmer (flower umbrella) brand continues its elegant style of dress, aged from 28 to 45 years old, the center of the age range of 35 to 40 years of life theme for its series of product development blueprint, emphasizing the new dress on the portfolio and Combined with the current popular ethnic style and classic urban business style, creating an elegant, stylish, elegant, simple urban aristocratic dress posture. Conform to the success of China's fashion trend of men's consumption trends, giving consumers an unparalleled sense of group identity, but also has become a symbol of style and taste, status and status, to meet everyone's aesthetic needs and aesthetic elegance Dress style new portfolio. Founded in 1993, Zhongshan Longzi Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. specializes in the import and export business of garments and provides the overall services for the European and American customers. The design, fabric procurement, accessories, production, packaging, Team execution. After years of settling the market, Dragon Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. has formed an accurate grasp of market trends, a complete analysis of consumer habits, and now has more than 50 customers, of which half of Long son of long-term partners, Has more than 15 years of close business contacts. Today, Dragon Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. has set up factories in Zhongshan, Jiangsu, Hangzhou, Cambodia and other places, the annual output has reached 10 million. At present, men's clothing on the market is either too formal or too casual and inappropriately worn for work. Some new British-style clothing, though rigorous, left the impression of being "tender" overall and lacking the maturity pursued by the workplace people Stable sense of trust. Arnold palmer (flower umbrella) hit, the menswear market will set off a new wave of fashion, whether it is style or purchase convenience, will create an unprecedented menswear shopping experience.

Babydoll Lingerie 

Romantic yet seductive, the Ladies Babydoll from Freda is distinctly alluring. babydoll is a short, sometimes sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown or negligee intended as nightwear for women. Babydolls are now considered an eroticized item of adult apparel, often classified as a form of lingerie.The gown is often sold as a set with matching panties,as a typical babydoll is short enough that underwear is visible if worn.Babydolls have become popular as bridal lingerie. They are more affordable than a bridal corset and often offer a greater choice of designs and colors.


Babydoll Lingerie

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