China's Zhu Xiang Anji's "full bamboo life"

Bamboo flooring, bamboo chairs, bamboo desks, bamboo keyboards, bamboo clocks, bamboo toothbrushes... Come to the Anji Bamboo Pavilion at Hall C2 of Yiwu International Expo Center. You feel like you are in the ocean of bamboo. Natural green and ecologically healthy bamboo products can be seen everywhere, and people can not help but lament the charm of bamboo.

Small environmental protection drives the big industry When it comes to bamboo, many people think of its strong breeding ability and short production cycle. At the same time, bamboo plants with the same vegetation release more than 35% of oxygen than trees, making it the most effective global greenhouse effect. The controller. Therefore, bamboo is considered as an "environmental guardian," and Zhejiang Anji is using its abundant bamboo resources to cultivate and develop the bamboo industry from the 1990s.

Anji, the head of the Ten Big Bamboo Townships in China, has a bamboo forest area of ​​1,080,000 mu, of which the main species of bamboo is 860,000 mu, and the volume is 170 million. The annual production of bamboo products is 28 million, and all types of bamboo processing enterprises have reached more than 2,600. The development of the Anji bamboo industry has experienced four times: from selling bamboo to bamboo, from bamboo to bamboo, from physical use to biochemical utilization, and from simple processing to chained operation. It has gone through a low consumption and high Circular economy development model characterized by benefits.

Today, Anji's bamboo products cover all aspects of food, clothing, use, housing, and music, and are found in 28 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government), Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and more than 30 countries and regions. In recent years, Anji has successively developed 34 bamboo curtains, bamboo carpets, bamboo leaf flavonoids, bamboo antioxidants, bamboo fiber, bamboo vinegar and other new products. Bamboo machinery manufacturing accounts for 80% of the domestic market. Under the background of highlighting the concept of "full-use and efficient use of bamboo," Anji has formed a good bamboo processing industry Chain, making the utilization rate of bamboo reach 100% and achieving the goal of efficient recycling of bamboo industry.

By the exhibition, the Anji bamboo industry has an exhibition area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters at the Anji Bamboo Pavilion. It is the largest exhibition hall for bamboo products and the most abundant exhibits in the fair. Anji County wants to exhibit "full bamboo life" to customers through exhibitions, so that more merchants can understand Anji's bamboo industry and bamboo products.

Zhejiang Lvqing Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. is Anji bamboo fiber products manufacturing enterprise. By fully utilizing bamboo fiber moisture absorption, antibacterial and deodorizing, low carbon environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics, the company succeeded in providing towels, socks, underwear, towels and other products. Enter the Shanghai World Expo. The director of the exhibition, Ye Lili, told reporters that after the financial crisis, the company turned its vital energy to the domestic market; last year, the company was the first to participate in the Fair, and this year it intensified efforts to fully display its corporate image and display through special booths. The fist product hopes to further expand the domestic market through Yiwu.

In the booth of Zhejiang Yongyu Bamboo Co., Ltd., bamboo bookcases, bamboo desks, bamboo sofas and other furniture have been internationally designed and matched to perfectly illustrate the concept of humanity and low-carbon. Cai Wei, the general manager of the company, frankly stated that at present, bamboo furniture is generally not widely accepted. If consumers are willing to use environmentally-friendly bamboo products, in addition to strengthening the concept of publicity, it is necessary for manufacturers to research and develop bamboo products that are both affordable and beautiful. .

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