CRIUS reveals the individual charm of the dress with simple, understated clothing

CRIUS advocates fashion minimalist clothing style, committed to serving the independent, mature, life-minded urban women between the ages of 25-40.


CRIUS advocates returning to nature, advocating self-dress concept. Fabric selection and more cotton, linen, wool, silk and other natural materials mainly. Color tone emphasizes the return to nature, with pure, steady natural color-based. With exquisite tailoring technology and advanced sewing technology, so that urban women suppressed in the city of reinforced concrete, back to the natural embrace, release the pressure and enjoy freedom.


CRIUS focuses on the rich and varied collocation of product series, combined with rich design languages ​​such as hand embroidery, machine embroidery, hand drawing and printing. In the dressing for the community to provide professional clothing with the concept of the same time, but also for them to leave a dress with re-creative space. A simple, low-key dress that demonstrates the individual's charms is the ultimate goal of CRIUS.

PUPVC Adult Rain Jacket/Coat

Nom-Disposable,Rain Jacket,Sports Wear,Safety Clothing

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