Extravagant sporting style: The overbearing president is now playing like this

Ben Wang, August 7 hearing, busy urban people can not be held prisoners of negative energy, release pressure and movement into the mainstream. Sports style continues to be favored by designers of various brands, and they are developing in a younger, more elegant direction. They are used to the slapsticks of suits and shoes. Do the overbearing CEOs consider boldly combining the two styles and give the sport a touch of luxury?

NO 1: open collar POLO shirt

Want to break the dull feeling can choose to seek change in the collar, delete the law to make the style clearer and clearer, open collar POLO at first glance gives an impression of a gentle killer in the workplace; calmly face the girls of the various eyes, and then turn back to face Reflective objects, showing white teeth give yourself a cheer smile.

Black and white gray tone or neutral monochrome plate reflects the elegant and stable, but also reflects the charm of a simple life, high-tech materials and self-cultivation is the best match of modern style. Polo was originally designed for those who need to stay decent and stylish while exercising. If you have deep abdominal muscles, please practice them.

NO 2: Lightweight jacket

Soft, unstructured but elegant, this ultra-light jacket is the ideal equipment for the summer season. It is mainly stable and steady. The presidents of fancy prints, street accessories, etc. do not step on thunder and remain light and extravagant on the basis of sports sense. Style, solid color or simply hit color like. You can wear Slim jeans and sweatpants. You can also try trousers mix and match. The collision between casual and formal wear. The precise contour line of the movement blends into the luxurious elements, let the luxury feel free to be reflected in the details.

NO 3: White sneakers

How to make your own look fine and comfortable, white sneakers are among the best, not only stylish but also suitable for various occasions, especially recommended for business travel, long-term aircraft or road trip it can Makes you comfortable and simple, powerful and powerful to reflect the picture of urban leisurely male.

The neo-minimalist themes are attributed to a rigorous re-examination, abandoning all complex elements to make the style clearer and clearer, and the combination of minimalist designs with luxurious materials is always preferred.

NO 4: Sports shorts

The urban sports style is transformed with the elements of classic sportswear. The casual style is integrated into the clean and unblemished space. The plain white or single-tone design, with a loose but unconstrained silhouette, is an expression of the city's emphasis on lifestyle.

The matching items are equally rich in low-key details such as sunglasses and wristwatches designed for the future of science and technology. Unexpected mixing of materials becomes a symbol of new sports styles.

NO 5: drum backpack

Of course, the kind of rebellious heart of a man is constant regardless of his age. Only as he grows older, a mature man will be more comfortable with playing "treason" chips. The classic sports accessories for the barrel backpack have hardly changed over the years. Simply replacing the traditional canvas material with leather can enhance the overall texture of the model. The mature man is far more relaxed than the young, and the business elite is not only stereotyped. On the one hand, it is the king who can perfectly coordinate taste and social status. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: Lek Youlian stupid mouse)

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