Swim trousers, good attitude to see flying fish Ning Zetao wear these swim trunks ah!

Ben Wang, August 10 hearing, summer, the beach is the best place to enjoy the sun and the stature. On the golden sands, men also unanimously unified the dress code, and put on the fancy swimming trunks. On a sandy beach with blue sky and sea, enjoying a variety of beautiful men wearing swimming trunks is much more enjoyable than watching men wearing black tie at the dinner party. One-half of salty and wet taste and one-half of male hormones are floating in the air. The taste is mixed and enjoys a feast that is visually and sensually different.

Paul Smith

This swim trunk is one of the most 'sea and sky blue' among the swimming trunks to be introduced. Even the conservative style and the coordinated pattern look full of artistic flavor.


Cupid has come to shoot you. Oh, this fancy and lively pattern is especially suitable for 'Flower Beauty' or 'Flower Beauty Boy', plus hair that has just been wet in the sea, and walks on the beach so that you can walk wherever you go. To their hearts.


This is certainly a well-known pattern of Burberry. I believe that if a row of men wearing swimming trunks with Burberry classic patterns on the beach will be the strongest swimwear in history, they will be sunning on the beach in the morning, maybe in the afternoon. We must begin to raise the champagne glass and start a social suit.


“Is this the artist's shorts?” The illustrations on the swim trunks are accompanied by a metaphorical and tempting taste that makes people seem to think about it, and it is also one of the sharp tools used to attract the eye.


“Haha this is Moschino's swim trunks? It's too low-key!” But after a closer look, you will find the 'Motel', 'Swimming Pool', and 'Color TV' printed on swim trunks. Words are enough to reflect a lively gesture.

Thom Browne

After enjoying this swim trunks for half a night, it is not clear whether this red pattern is a hickey or a flower, but the “name card” in the lower right corner is still very bright, so that you can fill in your name on it. Telephones and micro-signals are more satisfying if they can stick a two-dimensional code.


This is a very “trivial” swim trunks, with red bamboo as the base and a panda design. It feels like it can be selected as a “national good husband” or a “national good son”, and the panda's lazy posture will allow The clothes looks adorable.

Dolce & Gabbana

Perhaps the vertical swimming trunks of this kind will cause people to be misled by the fact that the person will stretch the “below the waist and above the thighs”, so this is also worthy of a slimming artifact. Men with darker skin (or more body hair) can also choose this swimming trunks to make themselves look more wild.


Seeing the patterns on the swimming trunks will tell you that this is a "Fauvism" swim trunks, but it also requires a "Wild Man" man to hold it, in short, to make you hot!


Well, next, I want to introduce this heavy snoring swim trunks. Yes, this is the swim trunks are not underwear. Walking in the beach with this swim trunks will surely make all people shout "OMG" in their hearts. It runs to the beach. However, this swimming trunks are not suitable for stimulating activities such as surfing on the sea. After inspection, the swim trunks have a high chance of spring flooding. Dressers should use it with caution. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: baby 丫 迪 cat dream)

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