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Should also be formally bid farewell to the hot summer, the arrival of cool early autumn also indicates that more than half of this year, always studying the clothing outfit ladies may have already ready for this fall costumes. Fall is no longer a blossoming season, this time may wish to choose a printing of a single product to decorate the colors of autumn, printed skirt with a white shirt, cool in the early autumn must be very suitable.

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This summer hollow elements of the rampant to us a different interpretation of the United States, early autumn hollow is still very popular. Sleeveless white T-shirt jacket, a little bit hollow in front of a little sexy, with the lower body blue skirt, cute animal portrait full of youthful vitality, the fall is a great color.

印花短裙搭配 早秋女装时尚搭配

Sleeve little hollow also has a different fashion, pure white sleeves shirt is not the same pattern design is more feminine, the lower body again a yellow print skirt, fresh and bright dress in the cool early autumn can still Become a landscape, neck wearing a flower style necklace, fashion sense increased.

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