Emotional secrets make you aware that sleeping can wear underwear?

Healthy women know that underwear wear no more than 12 hours, many people say that wearing underwear will be breast cancer, so in the end this idea is right or wrong? Let's tell you about the secret underwear brand.


Wearing a steel underwear to sleep easy to get breast cancer?

This is a rumor that once crazy in the Internet, that is because wearing a steel ring underwear to sleep will oppression of the chest lymphatic system, thereby affecting the normal operation of the lymphatic system, the chance of breast cancer is also greatly increased, in fact, is wrong, it should be That is, people wearing steel underwear to sleep may be due to oppression and blood circulation worse, but does not affect the normal operation of the lymphatic system, so there is absolutely no direct correlation with breast cancer.

Wearing underwear to sleep more secure?

If you think so, then wear it! Especially for the larger chest, or breast augmentation after the women, to maintain the breast, the best way is to even wear underwear when sleeping will be more appropriate Oh.

Should wear a small size underwear to sleep can be reached by way of support high effect?

Of course it is wrong! When the chest is squeezed, as mentioned in point 1, will affect the blood circulation, prolonged sleep, the body is actually not good, you should choose the most suitable size of your chest, or you can make the chest The natural state of the bra to accompany you to sleep.

情感的秘密让你了解 睡觉可以穿内衣吗?

What to wear sexy black underwear to sleep!

There is also a saying that wearing heavy-colored underwear than wearing light-colored underwear cancer risk, because more dark underwear dye, in fact, really not the case, as long as we pay attention to the cleanliness of underwear, and in the purchase Underwear pay attention to its material on OK, as to wear black underwear to sleep, as long as you like what can not?

Concentrate or care-type functional underwear for sleep wear it?
Sleep or can wear underwear to sleep, but this time the chest with your body brain, you need to be relaxed and comfortable, it is recommended to choose exclusive sleep-type underwear, it's softer clothing material, not like the general out Underwear as material is more firm, so remember to let your Mimi relax with you when sleeping!
The most important choice of underwear is comfortable are suitable, emotional secret brand underwear is the most intimate choice for women.

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