Zhejiang issued children's clothing purchase considerations

Zhejiang issued children's clothing purchase considerations Before June 1st International Children's Day, Zhejiang Consumer Protection Committee used ordinary consumers as its status in Hangzhou Sijiqing Kunlong Children's Wear Market, Hangzhou Huanbei Small Commodity Market, Hangzhou Walmart Shopping Plaza (Huanglong Branch), Hangzhou Huarun Wanjia (Canal Store) ) Purchased a total of 20 batches of children's apparel products, and commissioned the National Textile and Clothing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Zhejiang) to conduct product quality inspections. After inspection, 20 of the 20 batches had pH values ​​that did not meet the national standards. The color fastness to rubbing of the 4 batches did not meet the national standards. The labels of all batches of commodities did not meet the national standards.

The product's logo is a description of the manufacturer's express information to consumers and the safe use of the product. The Consumer Protection Committee of Zhejiang Province reminds consumers to pay attention to the softness, breathability, comfort, safety, and health of the products when buying children's clothes. Generally, they should choose slightly loose clothes to facilitate children's growth. When purchasing children's clothes, please note the following points:

Check whether the product and its packaging are marked in Chinese, whether the manufacturer's address, product name, product model, the use of raw material fiber content, washing methods, product standard number and product quality grade, whether there is a product quality inspection certificate.

Check for irritating odors or odors. If there is a pungent odor, the formaldehyde content may be high; other odors have an impact on health. Chemical fabric clothing should pay special attention to whether the pH is excessive.

It is best to choose a small pattern, light-colored children's clothing, and the print on the pattern should not be very hard. It is best not to choose specially-arranged garments, such as garments that are free-iron finishes and soft finishes.

Paying attention to the fiber properties of the fabric, priority is given to fabrics made of natural fibers such as cotton, which are soft, breathable and hygroscopic and are comfortable to wear.

When selecting products of category A (infant and baby products), the principles of natural materials, light color, and ease of wear and tear should be taken into consideration.

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