Defina brand underwear has always been "comfortable" expression of affectionate love of women

After the baptism of fashion, comfort and health has become the first key words of underwear , Defena has always been through the brand everything, comfortable products, comfortable service, comfortable store image, fashion, simplicity, emphasize the elegant taste Products express affectionate love of women.


Mustard green fluorescent bring summer fresh sense of thin as onion skin lace perspective fabric, looming sexy most eye-catching, drop-shaped cup is to give the chest a comprehensive, gentle care.

迪芬娜品牌内衣  始终以“舒适”表达对女性的深情关爱

Do not like depressed black, eye-catching red, jumping candy colors, such elegant gray will get your favor. Light sense of the fabric wear tights can not be "embossed" embarrassment, 3/4 of the cup can show the most sexy and charming cleavage.

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