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MY TENO brand since landing in the Chinese apparel market, has been committed to the development of high-end apparel brands , adhere to the fashion ideas, luxurious exquisite tailoring, creating MY TENO brilliant.

In the gradual maturity pattern of market segmentation, MY TENO Company conducted in-depth analysis of the future market and made strategic adjustments in the establishment of the brand as a whole. More professional, more advanced and more luxurious MY TENO brand is the future direction of development.

马天奴 - MyTeno

Through long and tacit cooperation, Italian LAB MILANO Company gave a very high appraisal of MY TENO brand's deep expansion in the Chinese market. The two parties reached an agreement on the overall strategic cooperation and development of China's top apparel market. The Ioannis Voinis-based elite team launches the La Danum collection through MY TENO's network platform and presence in the China market, using cutting-edge ideas and cutting-edge Italian craftsmanship to bring China's social elites closer together Feel the charm of the world's top apparel style.


MYTENO in the overall design, always implies an elegant and noble temperament, adhering to the traditional Italian high-end clothing essence. Smooth lines and gorgeous fine fabrics, elegant patterns and exquisite embroidery, vividly express the outstanding qualities of the top brands.

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