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Italian art is famous around the world. For hundreds of years, Italians have shown extraordinary talent in aesthetics, architecture, clothing and jewelry. Paintings, churches, necklaces, suits ... GETETO, a model of Italian clothing, has a very good reputation in the world after 123 years of classic inheritance. In the 17th century, the most brilliant period in the history of knit lace in Venice. A young man named Cosben Getetonian in the ironing room of Queen Venice's tailor's tailor decides to make a dream of selling the finest outfits all over the world, not just like his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father The Royal Palace tailor tailor-made all over Italy. With an inspirational design and a persistent pursuit of apparel technology, Cosben designed GETETO, a perfect blend of art and utility. Moment of popularity throughout Europe, a royal and upper class mainstream clothing. In 1883, Cosben accidentally met the European lady Anna Moston under the symbolic flying lion sculpture of St. Mark's Square in Venice, and married her successfully. This legendary woman made a significant contribution to GETETO's sales. Anna is good at painting the witness both love flying lion sculpture and the letter GETETO ingenious combination of design LOGO caused a sensation, still still loved by people. Le Lion fully embodies the heavenly King GETETO talent, vigorous male beauty, fearless courage, success is determined to win, a vast space of freedom of mind. Since then, a lofty aspiration, a very pioneering spirit and unlimited imagination of the brand stride to the world.

Guangzhou Yanzi Textile Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating design, development and production. Having certain influence and appeal in the domestic market, we have cooperated with more than 1,000 well-known brand clothing companies so far. Moreover, our products are sold well in more than 30 countries and regions including Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Our company owns self-support import and export rights and has a domestic professional design team. We mainly produce diversified products such as embroidery fabrics, lace fabrics, jacquard fabrics and knitted fabrics, etc.
Yanzi Textile has a team that is hardworking, passionate and innovative. We are full of vigor and ideal in our work. Good services to our clients is the core goal of our daily work.

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