Iraqi beauty brand underwear create a perfect body

A woman's pride, a woman's style, the perfect curve needs to shape the perfect body underwear. Iraqi beauty brand underwear , you deserve! The following Xiaobian recommend two stylish Iraqi beauty brand underwear for everyone to enjoy the comfort it brings!


This sky-blue underwear, color is very fresh and beautiful, with the center of the high collar, effectively tuck together breasts, the perfect show proud figure. And 3/4 Cup design, inclusive, allows the chest as full of natural plumage, so you easily piercing pretty posture!

伊美丽人品牌内衣 塑造完美身材

Hot summer, the nude color of the underwear by everyone's favorite. This Tube Top style underwear, lace embellishment dripping dreams, but also to prevent the light. And the wide side of the design, strong support to raise the chest line, focus on the chest, chest, back the United Trinity, summer is the best partner.

Photo credit: Iraqi beauty underwear

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