Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit ︱ Hunan Provincial Government in Canton Office and the Chamber of Commerce leaders come to study and guide the investigation

"However, Chu talented, Yu Sri Lanka is Sheng." Hunan animation, the game force in leadership at all levels, the Association's passion for care, carefully hatched, once again showing a vibrant, the Phoenix Nirvana! Guangzhou Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunan Man Unicom Cartoon Culture Media Co., Ltd. was established in this context, shouldering the task of reshaping the brand and innovation in the new field of animation. On April 26, Director of Hunan Provincial People's Government Office in Guangzhou Wan Yi, former Deputy Director, Secretary-General of Hunan Province Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province Xu Qingru, Director of Office of Hunan Provincial People's Government in Guangzhou Zheng Shui Li, Deputy Secretary General of Hunan Province Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province Yang Xiuhua and other leaders come here to study and guide the Union cartoon. Wang Dong, accompanied by leaders visited the production center Wang Dong introduced a rainbow blue rabbit blue rabbit industry chain brand is the soul of enterprise development, the brand conveyed by the subtle cultural influence of the subtle influence of the staff to lead all staff to strive for excellence. Manulife cartoon carefully crafted production center, creative center, creative operation center, administrative center, in the nuances of brand culture. During the meeting, Wang Dong and leaders watched the forthcoming cartoon "Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit Seven Gaiden Gambling", and the leaders highly praised Rainbow Rabbit Blue Rabbit brand and works. The Company made full use of Guangdong and Hunan Advantages of resources to build the animation industry chain strategy also affirmed, and said the broad office and Chamber of Commerce will fully support. Thanks to all levels of leadership, the Chamber of Commerce on the Rainbow cat blue rabbit's full support, we will live up to expectations for the cause of China's animation add luster!

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