Quiet girl wearing what kind of clothes good child delicate and delicate children's wear recommended

Quiet girl always have their own little ideas, small world. Unlike other people's princess, sweet style, just like wearing a quiet text, do what you like to do. Such a girl should wear what kind of clothes to reflect their more quiet side? Xiaobian that brought two good children delicate and delicate children's clothing, take a look at it! Clean and elegant white, it is consistent with the choice of quiet little girl. This piece of clothing is used cotton fabric, cotton linen clothing has been known as the Department of Virgo, art and quiet girls wear. The highlight of the skirt is the design of the neckline, lace collar into the lace, very pure and moving. Even in the swing swing, but also quiet and beautiful thrush. T-shirt full of ethnic style, showing the point in the little girl is perfect! Into the classic cowboy elements, an increase of clothing art sense! Coupled with a blue pants, the little girl's skin lining more white. Quiet girl with a sweet smile are so touching, quiet to be a beautiful girl now! Picture Source: Children's Wear

Silk Cashmere Yarn

Silk cashmere is a blend of real silk and cashmere, so it has the advantage of both silk and cashmere. Silk is bright with soft luster, good at moisture absorption and air permeability, light, smooth and flexible. In the meanwhile, cashmere fiber is fine, soft, tough and not easy to fade, which makes it the most suitable for close-fitting wear.

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2/60 85%Silk15% Cashmere yarn (Worsted)- 28colors

2/48 55%Silk45% Cashmere yarn (Worsted)- 9colors

2/48 85%Silk15% Cashmere yarn (Semi-worsted)- 28colors

2/52 70%Silk20%Mercerized Wool10% Cashmere yarn (Semi-worsted)- 28colors

2/48 70%Cotton20%Silk10% Cashmere yarn (Semi-worsted)- 16colors

2/68 72%silk 13% cashmere 15%nylon yarn (semi worsted) core spun

1/3.6 43%silk 35%cashmere 22%Cotton Yarn (woolen)

1/21 63%cotton 18%silk 9% cashmere 10%nylon yarn (semi worsted)

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