League Challenge, adidas red running shoes to help Robos win

Recently, Roberts, whose body condition was not in the best form at the IAAF Zagreb Challenge 2011 Men's 110-meter hurdles race, won the championship with an excellent result of 13 seconds 00, A week to refresh the best personal season results; Daegu world champion Richardson ran out of personal history best results 04 runner-up to 13 seconds, Oliver 13 seconds 20 ranked third. Half of the men's 110-meter hurdles came from the United States, with Oliver, the best scorer of the season and Richardson of Daegu World Championship both coming in. In addition, world record holder Roberts, World Championship third place in the United Kingdom Andy - Turner is non-US military strength in the group. Today, Roberts green adidas game with black leg shorts, and also wearing a pair of very eye-catching adidas red running shoes. Beginning of the game, Roberts slightly ahead from the start, and the world champion Richard Richardson is also slightly ahead, Oliver performance is still not very eye-catching. The final stage of the competition is quite intense, and ultimately Roberts won the championship, 13 seconds 00 results also refresh his personal last week ran 13 seconds 01 personal season best results, and this result with Liu Xiang in June When Eugene created the best individual season the same score, but also the second best result of the project this season. Richardson 13 seconds 04 refresh personal history best score runner-up, but also within five days of second defeat in the hands of Roberts, Oliver 13 seconds 20 only won the third. Last year's Jamaican Jamaican fourth punch line. After the match, Roberts said: "I did not expect to run such a good result, because when I warm up, I still feel tired and my muscles are a bit tight, but I feel very good at this stadium. If Without these minor problems, you may run faster. "

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