Join adjustable underwear shop choose which brand is good?

A little observation can be found, and now the underwear shop in the most conspicuous place should be a product with adjustable shaping underwear, adjusting the type of underwear more and more thin, the majority of female friends of all ages. If you are ready to open a lingerie store, you can also consider joining the underwear-based products underwear-oriented brand, not only in line with the current consumer demand for underwear market, but also more secure than the bulk brand franchise stores. So, adjustable underwear which is better?

Xiao Bian today to prepare to open underwear franchisees have recommended a brand in Shenzhen - 000 billion source Clothing Co., Ltd. under the eponymous brand " fiber memory edge ." Fibrilian focus on functional-based underwear-based fashion, which will be integrated into fashion elements, the introduction of bright colors, models rich in style and romantic atmosphere of the adjustable underwear.


Five major product advantages, to help franchisee worry-free entrepreneurship

First of all, fiber edge has a strong product design R & D team, the oriental women's body characteristics and fashion information fashion season combined with the development of different characteristics of products to meet the different needs of consumer groups; secondly, in pursuit of all people Healthy and safe era, the fiber margin is not lagging behind. The fabrics used in every component of the products are all strictly in accordance with the national inspection standards, using natural organic raw materials to achieve all the products are skin-friendly, breathable, soft, flexible and stable Characteristics; Third, focus on the fiber edge of individualized needs, slimming, shaping, adjustment, for different ages and forms have different solutions; Fourth, the product covers a wide range of ages, young people aged 20-45 To white-collar workers, family women and other types of customer diversification; Fifth, product prices cover the full, low, medium and high-grade to meet the different levels of consumer choice.


Seven support easy to join without worries
1, store location: to help franchisee site analysis, evaluation
2, zero risk: free franchise fee, deposit free, reduce investment pressure, no agency, franchisee face direct headquarters, direct access to the provincial agency discount franchisee benefits
3, the image of support: to provide high-quality shop design and construction plans to provide display and print publicity guidance
4, Order Support: After successful joining to support online stocking, telephone orders, more convenient
5, activities to support: professional advertising campaign promotion, market development and customer service, one on one track, escort for franchisees
6, product support: a professional design team to design and analyze the latest information on the national underwear market, precise positioning of product style positioning analysis, to create hot products
7, training support: professional marketing manager manager, clerk lively display, common sense, service, store management, marketing planning and other professional training

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