ik2015 winter conference was successfully concluded on June 18

From June 16 to June 18, 2015, the " ik " 2015 winter new product launch under Shenzhen Jiajia Er Clothing Co., Ltd was grandly opened in Tanglaya Hotel Shenzhen. More than 500 guests attended the conference from agents, fashionists and news media all over the country. Winter new dynamic show in full of stories, emotions, dreams of creative design Yishita Garden T stage elegant staged. Let us know that the 2015 new winter clothes with a full range of fashion less ladies, urban women bring unprecedented spiritual return.

In this new conference, but also the transition of reception and show, to ik family to bring a relaxed and harmonious fashion conference, a comfortable platform for communication. I do not know the presence of friends, was ik fashion shocked it?

After more than a decade of steady operation and perfect development, Shenzhen Jiajia Er Fashion Co., Ltd. has established a mature international management, integrated marketing system and a large elite team. Through professional system training, excellent service and smooth and efficient Logistics support, strong product advantages, good customer relations so that ik brand in the Greater China region have been extraordinary development, sales increased year by year, has a good brand reputation, and one after another in major cities in the country opened chain stores .

ik brand design is the core of "fashion, soft, expensive"; color and art is the same theme of ik, changing in the fashion of the continuation of a change of fresh style, with modern urban simplicity, crisp, natural atmosphere, combined with Paris romance Style, the young women romantic, beautiful and free and so temperament exposed, reflecting the romantic style of art and fashion ladies unique.

Emphasize the fit, suitability, mix and match, style and color blend of each season's international fashion trends, with the brand's leading fashion taste; ik advocate the use of fashion to express themselves, continue to explore the wonderful face of life, interpretation of Chinese women Fashion clothing concept, highlighting the personal charm.

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