How to wear southern girl in November

The recent temperature difference between North and South pull relatively large. The lowest temperature in the south is several degrees higher than the highest in the north. Many southern women secretly fortunate enough, you can also wear stockings staged a little sexy. So, how are the southern women wearing it? Xiaobian through observation, found two common collocation, dear shot it?


With a: long-sleeved shirt + skirt + short jacket

Twenty times, black lace shirt can absorb heat well, not too cool. With a small gray skirt, light cooked style feels steady and stylish. Outside with a plaid suit, youthful eye-catching, charming temperament. White high heels, wear a unique temperament.


With two: t-shirt + shorts + long coat

White collar t-shirt, lace flower embellishment, exquisite appearance. With a small grid of shorts, boundless charm. Supporting a long suit jacket, black lines sketched, charming temperament. Many professional women will be more eager to wear such a way. Southern women, can take advantage of the appropriate temperature piercing their femininity and temperament.

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