BE TO BE Children's clothing was invited to participate in the 2016 tide international star children's supermodel contest

2016 Chao Tong Star International Children's Supermodel Competition - National Finals on August 7, in Shaoxing Tianyu Yue New Century Grand Hotel successfully concluded. The contest has been BT TO BE strong support for children's clothing, let us see the next tide of children wearing BE TO BE children's clothing on stage style! "BE TO BE" children's clothing is a children's wear brand launched by China top ten designers Lu Minchao, currently in the market stage of trial marketing. Had initially taken the name, because the pronunciation is very much like a few years ago the hot word - "B2B", and was a group of friends in the industry to laugh. However, the founder insisted on using the name, she thought the name is actually split into BE and TO BE two pronunciation to understand. So, what exactly is understood? In fact, "BE" refers to our current status quo, which is a real existence, each individual differences do not need to be measured by a uniform standard, as long as nothing related to life and death, nothing ethical thing It is very important to be reasonable and true to know that you are the foundation of anything. TO BE is about dreams and hopes. Everyone has a pair of invisible wings on their backs. The founders hope everyone can have their own dreams and can fly with their own dreams, even in case of stormy weather , Even if met a lot of unhappy, but every step toward the goal of joy will dilute all the hardships. So BT TO BE want to do what is it? There are only two things. First, make apparel become a textbook for kids to experience art, touch beauty, touch structure and material awareness. Therefore, the brand's research and development will be from the material, silhouette, patterns and other aspects of integration into the children's ability to enhance the elements. Second, let the owners of the vast number of clothing terminal stores no longer for the number of clothes sold every day and take a nap, through the women's shop, Tong play shop, children's clothing shop and other related shops implanted BE TO BE brand, so that the core customer base With a multi-angle of demand to meet, so as not to increase costs under the premise of improving performance. Further, let shopping guide from a simple sales behavior, more thoroughly into a wide range of customer service activities, thereby further enhancing the customer's viscosity and trust. Like BE TO BE style friends. You can contact Ye Hao, Hangzhou Dao apparel communication negotiations. Contact is 13750816116.

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